Hello: Ethiopia & Kenya Coffee Set – No.1

Our first set of green coffees in this series features the the powerhouse coffee producing nations of Africa. How do Ethiopia and Kenya compare?

While Kenya and Ethiopia are known for top-level coffees, bright and complex, how are they different? To highlight this we chose to kick off our curated sample set series with a total of 6 coffee selections from Ethiopia and Kenya

We chose to name our series after the classic Hello sticker, because it introduces a flavor profile, origin country, or concept in coffee flavor. Plus, we also couldn’t think of anything better. This set, “Hello: Ethiopia & Kenya Coffee Set” is the 1st edition of the series…

Hello: Ethiopia & Kenya Coffee Set
Hello: Ethiopia & Kenya Coffee Set, Number 1 in a series… Limited to 500 sets

You can find the set at Sweet Maria’s here (but it is limited to 500 so might be sold out!)

How is this set different?

This set of green coffee is different from others we have produced. It contains 1 pound each of 6 coffees that we preselected, and then produced an information card insert that provides details on each coffee and how they compare.

More significantly, the card has side by side roast photos of each EXACT roast, and the corresponding notes. In other words, you can see exactly the roast level we are writing about, and compare that to your own roast level.

We realize that the labels on the included coffee bags differ slightly: Our labels address a range of roast levels, and flavors found within that range. The card has tasting notes for the SPECIFIC roasts pictured on the card. So the labels and card have some variation in descriptors.

Here is the obverse of the card:

Roast card insert for Hello Ethiopia Kenya Sample Set
Comparing photos of the exact roasts we cupped with the notes specific to them…Roast card insert

Also, to highlight the amazing brightness in these special origins, our roasts are quite light, as you will see. The set also focuses on wet-processed AKA washed coffee. There is one natural Ethiopia.

This is our first try at something as specific and “intentional” as this, and we hope in our “Hello …” series of green coffee sets to improve. Please let us know what feedback you have and we will be happy to reply!

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  1. Hellow, this is another question. we could not understand full meaning of “roast up to full pound ” please explaain more for our understanding.

  2. For s.w.koh,

    “roast up to a full pound” is a phrase I associate more with a coffee roaster – the physical device – than anything else. I think you might get a more useful reply if you included a little more context rather than just the quoted phrase E.g. the sentence where you found it, or perhaps bracketing sentences? A reference to the document where you read it? Link or URL is always helpful.

    1. Hello, please email me your question when you have a moment and I’ll be happy to answer it! I’m just not understanding if it is about this “Hello” Ethiopia & Kenya Coffee Set”, or something else.

      Thank you!

      [email protected]

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