Help Wanted! DIY Holidays For Our 2014 Calendar

We need help. We are working on our 2014 Dogs of Coffee calendar and writer’s block has set in. In the past, we have spiced up our calendars with our very own witty, funny, snarky holidays,scheduled reminders and events such as: 

  • Fair-Enough Trade Day
  • Leap Day Eve
  • Your Lucky Day
  • Cupping Lecture: How Much Lingleberry is Too Much Lingleberry?
  • Take Your Barista To Work Day
  • Photography Series: How to Take Super Macro Pictures of Coffee Cherry. 8pm


This time around, we need your help. Please send us your suggestions for holidays, events, etc that you feel the coffee world really needs before Nov. 1st and we include as many as possible. Tweet them to us, send them to our Facebook or email them to [email protected] (yes, it’s a real email address). A free calendar will be sent to the first 20 people that submit holidays that make the cut. Thanks! We should have the calendar done before Thanksgiving.

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