Home Barista Roasting Challenge Part 1 – Blended Coffees

Home Barista hosted the second annual HB Home Roasting Competition. Tom was a judge for all the entries. The theme of this year’s competition is to find the most complete home roaster.

The idea was that successful craft roasters must do two things well:
— find rare and extraordinary coffees, and do them justice in the roasting.
— make memorable and enjoyable blends from the more common good coffees.

So the first part of the competition was to send an Single Origin and the choice was up to the roaster. They coffee was identified and roasted by the person, and indicated whether it ought to be brewed or done as espresso

The second part was to create a terrific blend from the five blending competition coffees. The coffees are a Brazil, a Sumatra, an Ethiopian and two Central Americans, all of excellent quality but not rare auction lots. Again, both for regular brewing or espresso. And the other part of the competition was to have the roasters try to guess the origins of the five coffee – as each contestant got five bags labeled A, B, C, D & E.

This video and a companion one show the results.