The Ethiopia Coffee Podcast Series Part 1 & 2

On my December trip around rural Ethiopia, I recorded some travel notes and related thoughts over my morning coffee. Here they are…

Traveling to Ethiopia makes me think. But in the long, busy days buzzing around the dirt roads from coffee farm to coffee washing station, sometimes 10 in a day, I rarely have time to reflect.

In the morning though, I usually get up very early, brew some coffee in my room using an Aeropress, and think about the day ahead, the day prior, or just about coffee and travel in general.

I take time to process what I have learned listening to others all day, their patient answers to my questions. And I try to synthesize that into something that makes some sense to me.

They aren’t perfect. They are monologues. They are a little embarrassing. But there are some good raw ideas in here, perhaps. I have 8-9 episodes if I can bear to post them all! It’s a bit much.

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Ethiopia 1 – Agaro: The Losing Battle of Coops vs. Private Exporters (12 Minutes)

In Agaro town in the Western coffee region near Jimma and Lime. It feels like I am 70% in Ethiopia and 30% still back in Oakland. Despite jet lag, I talk about what I have learned so far about the competition for coffee cherry, and how the cooperatives are at a disadvantage when well-funded exporters open up coffee stations in the area. It’s not all bad. Coffee farmers are selling cherry at high prices, which helps offset local inflation.

Ethiopia 2 – Jimma, Coffee Travel and Coffee Marketing (9 Minutes)

I am in the larger town of Jimma, I think the euphoria of returning to the dirt roads of Ethiopia wore off a bit. It was probably all the dust. Feeling a bit drained, but still happy to be back in Ethiopia, I reflect a bit on coffee travel. I have always had a problematic relationship with using coffee travel to sell coffee, to create marketing material. But in the end I feel coffee can be a pretty straightforward product, and that’s not bad at all. I was going to skip including this one honestly, but decided to keep it in the end.

Part 3 etc…. it’s a long and depressing one so don’t expect much…

Keep on with the rest of this series, if you want to!

Our podcasts can also be found on Apple Podcasts and on Spotify Podcasts.

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