Makers and Tasters Part 2: More Fun the Second Time Around

Earlier this summer we were invited to the Oakland Museum of California’s weekly food truck party to demonstrate coffee roasting. We didn’t set off any smoke alarms or leave too much chaff so they invited us back for another night of demos. We brought a Fresh Roast SR500 along with a very durable WestBend AirCrazy popper that we have been torturting at demos for the past 3 years. We roasted countless batches of  Guatemala Finca Candelaria Lote Cedro in front of about 200 curious folks that were drawn into our area throughout the night. Those who wanted to give it a try on their own, went home with a sample of the same coffee to throw into their own poppper or skillet. Thank you to everyone that came out and to the wonderful folks at the Oakland Museum of California. We had a blast.

If you weren’t able to drop by, we have a another event in the works at the Chabot Space Center in Oakland on Saturday, Oct. 25th. Stay tuned.

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