Coffee Class- First Crack, Second Crack and Bean Changes in the Roast

Our classroom has been closed a year, so I thought I would make a video presentation about coffee roasting bean changes through first crack and second crack.

We miss having presentations and demos in our Oakland space. And it’s been hard to get it together to find alternatives.

I cranked out this little session though, geared toward the home roaster who can’t get enough info about the changes in the coffee bean during first and second crack. Ok – it’s not that little, it’s 34 minutes!

This is a basic non-sciencey presentation to show how coffee changes in roasting, and what sounds and sights to expect.

Unfortunately the roaster is a bit noisy in the middle parts, but there is a lot of little nuggets of information in this presentation of nearly 35 minutes! Less than perfect, this video still has some good information. Please comment below!

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  1. This man is one of the most effective teachers I’ve ever experienced, and I graduated from Cal and a Cal law school, had great profs, have attended many continuing education classes and taught a bunch of them. I know how hard it is to teach well, and your guy is superlative.

    I learned a lot about spotting changes in beans as I roast them, so I can better decide when to end each roast. Very useful and pleasant increase in my information!

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