More Images of the Zassenhaus Clamp-Down Grain Mill


The mill clamps down and unclamps quickly, easily, and securely. In this image you can see the ABS plastic handle, which made me nervous but, upon inspection, is really designed for heavy use. The crank handle is unfinished beech wood, like the rest of the mill. In fact, this is one heck of a hunk of wood, nearing 7 lbs! You can see the adjustments (grob -fein) which span a huge range so that malt for beer brewing can be effectively crushed, flour can be powdered, and of course, coffee can be ground for any process INCLUDING pump or hand-pull espresso machines –something other hand grinders can’t really do. Another bonus, this mill is quiet, compared to the loud crunching sounds of other mills.

This image shows a very off-color balanced (note my hand!) side of the mill, showing a coarse adjustment for beer brewing malty. As a home brewer that uses malt extract and then mashes 1-3 lbs of grain for flavor, this mill suits my needs famously. A customer who does all-grain (12-15 lbs) brewing bought one and found the mill doesn’t meet his needs for that kind of volume. The top hopper holds about 1 cup.

Since the mill is made for grain, sometimes large coffee beans don’t readily drop into the nylon auger/shaft that drives them into the burrs. Sometimes you have to crank a bit extra if a bean won’t drop. This is a non-issue in my opinion, but a friend who bough one mentioned it. Also, fine grinds require more cranking. As with any hand grinder, you must crank for your coffee. Please DON’T buy one (or any hand mill) if you don’t want to crank. Buy something with a button to push…

What’s with all these pictures of malt??? Well, the coffee photos didn’t turn out –to show you the incredibly even and fine grinds requires a very good macro lens that I don’t have. Anyway, this is shown to note that the husks of the malt are nicely unground as the malt kernel is broken into particles, a positive feature for the homebrewer I am told. The mill does not include the bowl in the image, but many bowls or jars you have will fit in the space under the burrs.



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