Green Coffee Outlook May 2023 Colombian Arrivals and more

Stay up to date on coffee we have coming down the pipeline and our latest green coffee outlook and arrivals schedule.

There’s quite a lot of green coffee business to catch you up on since our last update. We’ve contracted most of our coffees in Central America, Ethiopia, and Kenya, which make up a huge chunk of our annual volume. The first containers are already on the water headed to Oakland. But before we look to the future, let’s have a look at coffees that are actually here, right now.

Our first Colombia container of 2023 just arrived in Oakland. The coffees in this box captured the end of the harvests in Inzá and Tolima in late 2022/early 2023, and is a mix of micro-lots, and custom regional blends that we constructed so that we can have a few lots that aren’t just a flash in the pan! The first three coffees go live this week, starting with a single lot of our longstanding custom blend today (5/3), “Veredas Vecinas”, that can be ordered here (Coffee Shrub here). Expect a steady stream of Colombia’s to follow in the coming weeks, including three very limited heirloom Chiroso lots later this month.

A covered, parabolic drying room in Inzá where coffee is protected from the passing rains.
A covered, parabolic drying room in Inzá where coffee is protected from the passing rains.

I don’t think I can remember a time where we had this level of selections from Ethiopia and Kenya available on our site! Part of the reason is the late shipments of 2022 with the global shipping crisis that everyone was facing. Another reason is that we have an incredible warehouse staff right now who are absolutely ruling our turnaround times and weekly coffee additions to the site (currently more than 80 coffees on the list)! Now is a great time to see what’s online from both origins and catch a final glimpse of some of our final stars from the 2022 harvest.

The first half of the year is also our busiest cupping schedule, where we make selections from hundreds of offers, and finalize the bulk of our contracts for the year. The number of samples we’ve tasted goes well into the triple digits in Guatemala, Kenya, and Ethiopia, but doesn’t stop there. We’ve also kept up a hectic schedule of cupping travels in several other key coffee origins in Central America. This work is hardly seen by anyone other than us, but hopefully is conveyed to some extent in the extensive In Transit list below.

This is everyone who was anywhere nearby when I visited Kenisa. I like the photo and the people were really nice, as usual.
This is everyone who was anywhere nearby when I (Tom) visited Kenisa in Agaro, Ethiopia. I like the photo and the people were really nice, as usual.

Most of these coffees are still a ways off from arriving in Oakland, and there are still a few outstanding odds and ends to be filled in next Green Coffee Outlook. That reminds me, we are landing coffee in Oakland again, which is great news for all of us.

This time last year West Coast ports were all but operating, and we found ourselves scrambling to land coffees in other parts of the country. To an extent, it was a good exercise in putting contingencies in place should we ever find ourselves in a similar situation. But the added time and cost to then transfer our coffees to Oakland was not ideal. So far, containers are moving freely through Oakland, and our fingers are crossed that it stays that way!

Fresh Colombian coffee can be found here (or here for wholesale)

See the wide range of Ethiopian coffees here (or here for wholesale), and Kenyan coffees here (or here for wholesale)

For the indecisive shopper, check our seasonal 1-click samplers, Dry Process Ethiopian Trio, and East Africa Sample Set featuring some of our favorites from Burundi and Rwanda.

Upcoming green coffees currently on the schedule to be added to our website:

Please keep in mind that the coffees on the Upcoming Coffee Outlook schedule with a location status of “In Transit” are still a bit of a wild card, and the month we have them listed under is based on the current shipping ETA, and subject to interruptions out of our control. Thanks for your patience!

May – June Coffee Outlook

Lot IDBagsSizeLocation
Brazil Dry Process Fazenda Furnas3059 KGOakland
Burundi Kayanza Munkaze2060 KGOakland
Colombia Cresta El Hato3870 KGOakland
Colombia Tolima Edward Sandoval Heirloom Bourbon530 KG vac packsOakland
Colombia Inzá Vereda San Antonio2670 KGOakland
Colombia Páez Rio Chiquito2370 KGOakland
Colombia Inzá Antonia Oidor1570 KGOakland
Colombia Cajamarca Neftali Castro2870 KGOakland
Colombia Los Naranjos Heirloom Caturra1070 KGOakland
Ethiopia Dry Process Mahamed Aba Nura5060 KGOakland
Ethiopia Dry Process Mansur Aba Hikam5060 KGOakland
Kenya Nyeri Gatugi AA5060 KGOakland
Nicaragua Finca Buenos Aires Lot 22069 KGOakland
Nicaragua Acopio Suyatal3069 KGOakland
Peru Organic Martin Tiberio García3569 KGOakland
Peru Organic Cunyas Quispe3569 KGOakland
Rwanda Ngororero4060 KGOakland
Sulawesi Wet Hulled Benteng Alla1360 KGOakland
Sumatra Aceh Simpang Teritit2060 KGOakland
Sweet Maria’s Altiplano Blendn/an/aOakland
Timor Leste Dukurai Daurfusu1560 KGOakland
Timor Leste Nautuda1060 KGOakland

June Coffee Outlook (So far!)

Lot IDBagsSizeLocation
Brazil Baltazar Jose Da Siveira2960 KGOakland
Brazil Honey Process Pedra Blanca7060 KGOakland
Colombia Edward Sandoval Heirloom Caturra370 KGOakland
Colombia Inzá Vereda San Vicente1270 KGOakland
Ethiopia Kecho Anderecha13060 KGOakland
Java Pulp Natural Gambung Robusta1560 KGOakland
Kenya Nyeri Kiaguthu PB1060 KGOakland
Kenya Nyeri Kagunyu AB1360 KGOakland
Kenya Nyeri Kamoini AA3460 KGOakland
Kenya Nyeri Kamoini Peaberry1360 KGOakland
Nicaragua Finca El Lino2069 KGOakland
Rwanda Nyaco2060 KGOakland
Timor Leste Honey Process Daurfusu3060 KGOakland
Sweet Maria's Coffee Shrub Coffee Sourcerer
Sweet Maria’s Coffee Shrub Coffee Sourcerer

Incoming coffees currently on the water: May onward

Ethiopian Incoming Coffees

Lot IDBagsSizeETA
Ethiopia Organic Agaro Kenisa8060 KGTBD
Ethiopia Organic Genji Challa8060 KGTBD
Ethiopia Organic Agaro Duromina8060 KGTBD
Ethiopia Organic Geta Bore4060 KGTBD
Ethiopia Organic Gure Dako4060 KGTBD
Ethiopia Dry Process Buno Dambi Uddo16060 KGTBD
Ethiopia Dry Process Hambela Goro16060 KGTBD
Ethiopia Dry Process Hambela Buliye12060 KGTBD
Ethiopia Dry Process Korate12060 KGTBD
Ethiopia Dry Process Dogo Sodu8060 KGTBD
Ethiopia Dry Process Birbirsa Coop10060 KGTBD
Ethiopia Guji Goro Bedessa10060 KGETA 6/6
Ethiopia Hambela Genet10060 KGETA 6/6
Ethiopia Dry Process Guji Buku12060 KGETA 6/6
Ethiopia Dry Process Gerba Doku10060 KGTBD
Ethiopia Dry Process Fitsume6060 KGTBD
Ethiopia Dry Process Guji Uraga10060 KGTBD
Ethiopia Dry Process Hebo6060 KGTBD
Ethiopia Dry Process Wolenso Dabessa12060 KGTBD
Ethiopia Dry Process Ayetu Farm6660 KGTBD
Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Chelbesa Danche12060 KGETA 6/6
Ethiopia Uraga Gogogu10060 KGETA 6/6
Ethiopia Gedeo Hallo10060 KGETA 6/6
Ethiopia Guji Hambela Dabaye10060 KGETA 6/6
Ethiopia Hambela Benti Nenka6060 KGETA 6/6
Ethiopia Dry Process Benti Nenka8060 KGETA 6/6
thiopia Dry Process Hambela Buliye8060 KGETA 6/6
Ethiopia Dry Process Kafa Dehab Mesfin Farm10060 KGTBD
Ethiopia Dry Process Senna Katta Mountain22060 KGTBD
Ethiopia Dry Process Kafa Dehab Mesfin Farm360 KGTBD

African Incoming Coffees

Lot IDBagsSizeETA
Tanzania Mbozi Ilomba AB10060 KGARRIVED NJ
Burundi Kiganda Murambi Lot 15060 KGETA 5/2
Burundi Kiganda Murambi Lot 23360 KGETA 5/2
Burundi Dry Process Murambi2360 KGETA 5/2
Burundi Rwiri Yagikawa Lot 14560 KGETA 5/2
Burundi Rwiri Yagikawa Lot 23560 KGETA 5/2
Burundi Kayanza Kazoza N’Ikawa Lot 15060 KGETA 5/2
Burundi Kayanza Kazoza N’Ikawa Lot 22460 KGETA 5/2
Burundi Dry Process Agahore6060 KGETA 5/2
Yemen Al Qafr Hawari10032 KGETA 5/17
Yemen Mokha Hajjah5032 KGETA 5/17
Yemen Bani Haraz10032 KGETA 5/17
Yemen Mokha Matari20032 KGETA 5/17
Yemen Mokha Peaberry3132 KGETA 5/17
Kenya Nyeri Chinga AA1760 KGETA 6/18
Kenya Nyeri Kamoini AA760 KGETA 6/18
Kenya Nyeri Maganjo Peaberry560 KGETA 6/18
Kenya Nyeri Ngunguini AA5360 KGETA 6/18
Kenya Nyeri Gatugi AA2160 KGETA 6/18
Kenya Nyeri Gatugi Peaberry1160 KGETA 6/18
Kenya Nyeri Kamoini NH1460 KGETA 6/18
Kenya Nyeri Karuthi AA760 KGETA 6/18
Kenya Nyeri Njuriga AB5160 KGETA 6/18
Kenya Nyeri Maganjo AA2960 KGETA 6/18
Kenya Nyeri Chinga AB6560 KGETA 6/18
Kenya Nyeri Rukira AB4060 KGETA 6/18

Central America Incoming Coffees

Lot IDBagsSizeETA
Mexico Organic Ciudad Vieja6469 KGETA 5/12
Mexico Chiapas Sierra Mariscal8069 KGETA 5/12
El Salvador Miravalles Castillo1969 KGETA 5/20
El Salvador Miravalles Caturra2069 KGETA 5/20
El Salvador Miravalles Bourbon5069 KGETA 5/20
El Salvador Miravalles Sampacho8069 KGETA 5/20
El Salvador Miravalles Tabi3069 KGETA 5/20
El Salvador Miravalles Pacamara669 KGETA 5/20
El Salvador Miravalles H12069 KGETA 5/20
El Salvador Honey Process Miravalles2069 KGETA 5/20
El Salvador Dry Process Finca San Luis4069 KGETA 5/20
Costa Rica Honey Process Hacienda Sonora1869 KGETA 5/20
Costa Zarcero Monte Brisas Salaca3769 KGETA 5/20
Costa Rica Yellow Honey Lote Hermanas5069 KGETA 5/20
Costa Rica Rio Jorco Monte Azul8069 KGETA 5/20
Costa Rica Palmichal Los Santos10069 KGETA 5/20
Costa Rica La Casona San Francisco3069 KGTBD
Costa Rica Yellow Honey La Union4069 KGTBD
Costa Rica Cerro Alto La Union4569 KGTBD
Costa Rica Finca El Mango2069 KGTBD
Costa Rica Red Honey Don Oscar5069 KGTBD
Costa Rica Chirripo Finca Jose5069 KGTBD
Costa Rica Los Angeles Quebrada1069 KGTBD
Costa Rica Helsar Roja2569 KGTBD
Nicaragua Buenos Aires Los Pinos3069 KGTBD
Nicaragua Finca El Lino2569 KGTBD
Nicaragua Acopio Suyatal4069 KGTBD
Nicaragua Ojo de Agua2069 KGTBD
Nicaragua Finca Buenos Aires4069 KGTBD
Nicaragua Los Alpes Caturra569 KGTBD
Nicaragua Finca San Salvador3069 KGTBD
Nicaragua Dry Process Buenos Aires1569 KGTBD
Nicaragua Especial Java1569 KGTBD
Nicaragua Maracaturra Los Medios2069 KGTBD
Nicaragua Buenos Aires Maracaturra2069 KGTBD
Nicaragua Honey Process Maracaturra1069 KGTBD
Nicaragua Dry Process Maracaturra569 KGTBD

Central America Incoming Coffees

Lot IDBagsSizeETA
Guatemala Antigua Finca Cabrejo8046 KGETD 5/10
Guatemala Antigua La Folie5546 KGETD 5/10
Guatemala Antigua Hunapu Ciudad Viejo4146 KGETD 5/10
Guatemala Antigua Hunapu Dueñas5546 KGETD 5/10
Guatemala Antigua Finca Pavón5046 KGETD 5/10
Guatemala Patzún Finca La Florida1446 KGETD 5/10
Guatemala Antigua Finca Pulcal4046 KGTBD
Guatemala Patzun Finca Las Camelias5346 KGTBD
Guatemala Antigua La Parcela Melanie646 KGTBD
Guatemala Antigua Pulcal B3003346 KGTBD
Guatemala Antigua Pulcal Inteligente7146 KGTBD
Guatemala Acatenango Gesha Lot 13246 KGTBD
Guatemala Acatenango Gesha Lot 26046 KGTBD
Guatemala San Diego Buena Vista Bourbon5546 KGTBD
Guatemala Antigua Finca Cabrejo Lot 21546 KGTBD
Guatemala Patzun Finca Santa Anita3346 KGTBD
Guatemala Patzún Finca La Florida Lot 22546 KGTBD
Guatemala Chimaltenango Tecpán3769 KGTBD
Guatemala San Martin Jilotepeque7269 KGTBD
Guatemala Antigua Finca Santa Ines6046 KGTBD
Guatemala Finca Santa Bourbon3046 KGTBD
Guatemala San Diego Buena Vista Java1646 KGTBD
Guatemala Xinabajul Producers Lot 23069 KGTBD
Guatemala Xinabajul Santa Barbara1569 KGTBD
Guatemala Proyecto Xinabajul Urizar de Leon2069 KGTBD
Guatemala Proyecto Xinabajul Wilfredo Perez1569 KGTBD
Guatemala Xinabajul La Palmira1069 KGTBD
Guatemala Proyecto Xinabajul Axel Villatoro2069 KGTBD
Guatemala Xinabajul Bojonalito2069 KGTBD
Guatemala Huehuetenango Boqueroncito Lot 24069 KGTBD
Guatemala Proyecto Xinabajul Dos Villatoros2069 KGTBD
Guatemala Xinabajul La Libertad3069 KGTBD
Guatemala Xinabajul Paraiso2369 KGTBD
Guatemala Punta del Cerro Lot 22069 KGTBD
Guatemala Michicoy Finca Rosma2269 KGTBD
Guatemala Xinabajul Los Chuchitos7269 KGTBD
Guatemala Xinabajul La Libertad4069 KGTBD
Guatemala Xinabajul Producers3569 KGTBD
Guatemala Xinabajul San Pedro Necta3469 KGTBD
Guatemala Xinabajul Anturlio Ruiz1469 KGTBD
Guatemala Xinabajul Peña Blanca2169 KGTBD
Guatemala Punta del Cerro2169 KGTBD
Guatemala Aurelio del Cerro2269 KGTBD
Guatemala Huehuetenango Boqueroncito1069 KGTBD
Guatemala Michicoy Finca Rosma1169 KGTBD

50 Responses

    1. Glad to hear it Thomas! Lots of coffee to be excited about in the coming months.


    1. Hey Dan,

      Right now, we have all our decafs posted, but will be sending off another round of tolls in the coming weeks. I won’t expect any of those to be available until July.


  1. First time reviewing incoming: This is all seriously a vast variety and amount of coffee. I mean just the Ethiopians alone. Is all this destined for SW? Or from exporter in general into port? Thanks!

    1. Hey Jeffrey, it’s a lot to look at, right? These are all our coffees, most of which will be listed on Sweet Maria’s and Coffee Shrub. I should have the June Outlook posted end of next week which will show even more coffees on the way!


  2. Are these Yemen coffees really coming? Do you have an update on when, as they are not shown in the green coffee list.
    Al Qafr Hawari, Mocha Hijjah.

    1. Hey Jeff, thanks for the comment. Yes, they are all really on the way. We don’t list all of our coffees at once (mainly due to warehouse space restrictions) and roll them out as we re able to. We currently have Matari and Bani Haraz on the list, and we are launching a Peaberry this Friday. Hawari and Hajjah are scheduled for late July. That timeline could change depending on incoming arrivals, but I expect at least one of those to be available by month’s end.

      Hope that helps!


  3. This listing is a great start. Would it be possible to list the approximate date ranges of green beans normal schedule arrival months, e.g., Ethiopian, Guatemalan, Peruvian, etc.?

    1. Hey Roderick, thanks for the suggestion! We were just discussing this in-house, actually. I can’t promise when, but we’re looking at offering some general insight on harvest schedules. The main issues are that timing changes a little bit. But I think a combination of harvest and shipping schedules will help give folks a general idea of when to expect coffees. Maybe a postcard?

      Thanks again for the comment.


  4. Any Ethiopian decafs coming in soon? Blending those 50/50 with other Ethiopias/Kenyas are key to my current high-volume, low jitter coffee regimen.

    1. We should have something new toward the end of the Summer. The current lot is really nice, if you haven’t tasted it yet! (link here) And I like that idea of a ‘five o’clock’, low-jitter brew.


  5. Been watching for the Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Chelbesa Danche since May, and wondered when my favorite coffee might be coming available at SM. I know there is a great assortment of Ethiopians right now but this one is special to me. Thanks!

    1. Hi Terry! Thanks for reaching out. Your timing is really good, as this container just arrived at the Oakland port. We’re seeing around 2 week transfer times at the moment, so I’m hoping to list this coffee in August. We will have a few other fresh Ethiopia’s available starting 1st week August, including Ethiopia Guji Goro Bedessa, which is also a really amazing washed Ethiopia.

      I hope this helps!

      Best, Dan

    1. Hey Michael, what timing. This container just arrived at the Oakland port and is waiting to be transferred to our offsite facility. Right now, I have the first of two lots scheduled for the end of August. The timing may change depending on coffee availability. But the port appears to be operating pretty smoothly, and I expect to stay on schedule.



    1. We do have a few, though not as many as Guji and Western Ethiopian lots. I think you’ll find that the Guji’s tick off a lot of the same boxes as coffees from Yirga Cheffe. No surprise given they’re neighbors, and some stations even buy from both regions. But our first Yirga Cheffe to be listed will be a washed lot from Chelbesa Danche in late Aug/early Sept.


  6. I always enjoy the fruit-forward Dry Process Ethiopians, especially those with a strong blueberry scent/taste. Wondering if any of the incoming lots, as of 8/4/23, will check those boxes. I’ve become a bit confused about which of the lots on the May Incoming Coffee page have already hit the website & sold out-there are so many!

    I know you are a busy enterprise and appreciate all the thought you put into your newsletters & updates. May we hope for another Incoming Coffee Update soon?

    1. Thanks for your comment Christina! Our first dry process Ethiopia from the current crop juts launched, actually. Link here. The next dry process, Guji Buku, launches week of 8/18 (we have a couple wet process in between them).

      We plan to publish a new Outlook in the next couple of weeks, and get back on a regularly monthly schedule starting in September.


  7. Any idea on when the Guat Antigua Pulcals will be available? Also, will you be carrying any Colombia Rio Chiquito Don Luis this year? Thanks for the updates.

    1. I can tell you Pulcal lots just arrived this week and arrival samples cupped really nice. I think it will be 10-14 days before they can get onto the site. @dan do you know of the Rio Chiquito was coming from Colombia next container?

    2. Hey John, we have Rio Chiquito coffees on our Sept/Oct container. I actually just tasted the pre-shipment samples yesterday, and they’re really nice! We are going to have a regional blend “Rio Chiquito”, as well as a single farmer lot from a farmer named Angel Ariza.

      Like Tom said, Pulcal arrivals are quite nice, and I expect the first lot to be available by the end of next month.


    1. I finished cupping Flores when I was in Indonesia and we found some really nice coffee lots, but they have not shipped yet. It takes quite a while from initial lot selection, to dry milling and preparation to shipping to actual arrival, so I think we are looking at December for them to be here!

    1. Hey there, thanks for the message. I’m working on getting a full outlook up for Sep/Oct next week. I can tell you that our next decafs are scheduled for mid-October, and include Ethiopia, Burundi, Peru, and a Central American blend. We won’t be adding them all at once, but should start to see them hit the site by 3rd week of October if there aren’t any shipping delays.

      We do have 6 different decafs available right now, too, which is a pretty full list! Check out the list here.

      Hope that helps!


    1. Hey Matt, that was just the first of 2 lots. Next lot is slated to go up in October, I believe.


  8. You had a Brazil Pedra Branca Dry Process that sold out before I could buy what I needed (I have some Honey process). Will you get another shipment in?

    1. Hey Ross, we will have a dry process yellow bourbon lot from Pedra Branca around the end of the year, or early 2024. We’re looking forward to the arrival as well!


    1. Hey Bob, yes. From Sidama specifically, we have a really nice lot from Keramo station next month, and then Shantawene in December. We have quite a few Guji coffees available right now, which are just below the Sidama region, and honestly likely buy from producers as far North as Sidama. Coffees in this area are often traded under the Sidama name for that region. Guji Goro Bedessa is probably my favorite washed Ethiopia right now. If you’re after dry process, Dogo Sodu is my pick!

      Hope this helps, Bob.


    1. It’s still coming down the pipeline. We can get you a launch date in a little bit … @dan?

    2. Hey Michael, it sure is. Right now we have that one scheduled for November 17, and I don’t see any reason that will change. The other good news is this one is twice the size of the first lot, so should have a little longer life on the site.

      Thanks for checking!


  9. Hey folks, wondering if any more Kenya AA’s are coming anytime soon… I imagine the 2023 arrivals are going to start to dwindle soon. Also, any Pink Bourbons from Colombia or somewhere thereabouts in the pipeline? Seems like this section hasn’t been updated in a little while. Thank you!!

    1. Hey Wes. You’re in luck. We actually released a new Green Coffee Outlook earlier this month. Check it out here. There are two Kenyan coffees on the calendar for November, one of them being an AA that is set to launch the second week of November. Also, we’ve got an upcoming Pink Bourbon from Nicaragua. This was originally planned for release in October, but we’ve pushed back the release a bit for now. Hoping it can be made available next month.


  10. Sorry to bother you again, but on the Guat Pulcal: In August you indicated release would be end of September. I’m getting close to reorder point, and I’d like to get a larger(r) bag of it when I do. Updates?

    1. Hey John, great timing. We literally just launched this coffee today. This lot is from the highest part of the farm, too, “Inteligente”. Link to the order page Sweet Maria’s, or our wholesale site, Coffee Shrub.

      Thanks for checking back!


  11. Hi! I was wondering if the Ethiopia Guji Hambela Dabaye is still on the way. I got to roast some of it last year and was really hoping to get more of it this year.
    I’ve tried a bunch of coffees from sister sites and really liked those, too! Thanks!

    1. Hi Samantha, thanks for checking in! The coffee arrived a little late, but it is here in Oakland. That said, we won’t likely list it on our site until Dec/Jan. We have quite a few Ethiopia’s on the way and in the wings, but unfortunately aren’t able to list them all at the same time (mostly due to limited warehouse space). It’ll be worth the wait though!


  12. Hello,

    Will you be listing more decaf beans in December? I was really fond of the Ethiopia Limu Boter Decaf and the Rwanda Nyamasheke Decaf.


    1. Hi Jason, we absolutely will! Right now we have an Ethiopia Swiss Water Decaf called “Yebuna Terara” launching next week, and a Peru Swiss decaf called “San Francisco Yapaz” the following week (12/15). If you liked that Rwanda, you should definitely try the Burundi we recently launched, Burundi Kayanza SWP Decaf. It’s very nice, and right in line with the Nyamasheke!


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