New Coffee from Kenya and Laos

July 24, 2015

Kenya Nyeri Hill AA – has bright and tart notes of orange or grapefruit juice. As it cools, sugar sweetness builds with caramel and candied citrus peel. Cookie-like flavors are sensed up-front.  Flavor notes unfold as the temperature dips, and the finish is suffused with faint citrus and berry notes. This is one of our more bodied Kenyas, and is a great candidate for Kenya espresso.

Laos Paksong Hills – is Brazil-like in many ways. Flavors of raw sugars and walnut play off each other and are held together by a mild, tea-like acidity. Sweetness is bumped up a notch as the cup cools, and the coffee finishes with faint notes of cacao nib and raw tobacco off in the distance.