The Nordic Barista Cup – An Uncharacteristic Journey

A short journey to Oslo to learn about the Nordic Barista Cup and the coffee scene in Scandinavia.

Shortly after his return from Rwanda, Tom went to Oslo Norway for the Nordic Barista Cup. Why? Just to learn more about the coffee scene, see some friends there, and go to Oslo!

Click here to see some photos and read why Tom traveled to Europe for a barista event instead of going off to a country that grows our coffee.

Tom also uploaded a few new videos. One is a Bunn Trifecta demo from Norway and the other is a taste of some expresso (they drink expresso there) from northern Europe. – Byron

“I’m glad to visit Norway and eat kebabs. This place was strange and I don’t get it. In the coffee scene everyone is very positive and loves each other to the max. Nobody says anything slightly disparaging. Then again I know Norwegians love their death metal and secretly worship satan. (joke) (maybe not a joke). People at the coffee event are overwhelmingly white … gosh that’s a lot like the SCAA! What is it about a brown beverage that brings out the cream like this? I totally feel like a foreigner here. Shit is so expensive! What am I doing here?” -Thompson Owen reminisces on Oslo

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