Our Technivorm Lid – The Dirty Truth

May 19, 2015

We always obsess about keeping coffee gear clean but the reality is that the Technivorm brewer in our office kitchen/break room gets neglected longer than it should between cleanings. We brew at least 6 batches a day and are always impressed with it’s durability…so there’s a little guilt associated with not cleaning it as often as we should. We should be using a descaler like Dezcal to clean out the water lines and Cleancaf to wash out the brew basket and carafes every week or so. If you own a newer model Technivorm, you probably don’t have to worry as much since your lid is built with a tighter connection between the two pieces (we honestly haven’t had the chance or a reason to open up a new model lid yet).

We normally wash the exterior of the lid and even wash the silicone gasket on occasion but until recently, we never thought to open up the lid since the interior doesn’t come in contact with the coffee. We noticed the carafe lid was made of two pieces and decided to open it for a little cleaning.  We managed to pry it open and found some biological matter that should never be growing anywhere close to our morning coffee. Out of respect for those that don’t like to look at disgusting things, we aren’t posting photos of it. The bottom line is that if you care about how your coffee tastes or if you are just generally affected by how clean things should be, do yourself a favor and make some time to clean out the nooks and crannies around your coffee gear. As you would imagine, the same goes for your water kettle, the ridges inside your pour-over cone, your electric brewer’s brew basket, etc. Yeah, we know…easier said than done.