Five new arrivals, and despite the holiday “tsunami of orders” I managed to get them uploaded and good to go:

  • Guatemala”Blue Quetzal” Bourbon , that’s Bourbon the coffee cultivar, and this lot exemplifies it’s classic, complex flavors. Raisiny sweetness, spice.
  • We really don’t need another Nicaragua on the list, but the review will explain why I had to offer the Nicaragua FTO Lozahoren (Dipilto)
  • It cups like a Sulawesi, and is different than the Flores Bajawa from last season: Indonesia Flores Sasandu Dry-Process .
  • Lastly, a really potent, rustic, unique Sumatra Blue Lintong
  • Mexico Organic Nayarit Terruno, has no review yet, but it’s a sweet-and-simple, light-bodied, snappy cup coming very late in the season.
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