Six New Coffees

August 14, 2015

We just added six great new coffees to the list including coffees from regions we haven’t seen for a while like Nicaragua, Java and Mexico. Enjoy!


Costa Rica Alaska -Lote El Llano – demonstrates dried fruit along the lines of raisin and dried plum. Browning sugars and baking spice notes crop up as the cup cools with cinnamon and all-spice accents, complimenting a slight cocoa note in the finish. City+ and FC roasts build fruit-juice flavors, a beautiful cranberry note comes into play with allusions to stone fruit nectar. The finish is buttery with persistent chocolate tones, leaning towards dark chocolate.
Java Sunda -Gunung Naringin – is a real standout and is so sweet, with shocking cleanliness for an Indonesian coffee, a testament to clean processing and good milling. Lighter roasts show dark, juicy fruit flavors and as the cup cools, cherry juice, baked apple and aspects of pluots. Taking the roast a shade darker produces a fig/dark-chocolate combination, fading into bittersweet cocoa in the finish. Sweet citrus notes come out, tangerine and naval orange, butted up against stone fruit, and a melon hint. This coffee is good brewed and as espresso.
Mexico Org. La Lagunilla Coop – The cup has unequivocal sweetness, peaking with brown sugar and butter, fading nicely into baker’s chocolate bittersweetness in the finish. There are sugary aspects well within the range of raw to light brown sugar, and nut tones too. It is ‘coffee-like’ in character, having a core bittersweet ‘warmth’ to it. The type of coffee I will drink two cups of (yes, in a row!), and I think the Full City/FC+ roasts will produce classically-profiled espresso shots. You might try using this as a blend base too.
Nicaragua Acopio Suyatal – has a malty sweetness to it and is reminiscent of Horlicks malted milk drink. The profile shines at more of a City+/Full City roast, building out sweetness and a bumped-up cocoa nib flavor. The acidity is subtle, yet well defined – like rindy citrus, or  fresh apricot – adding structure to the cup, and finishes with a nice flavor of cocoa dusted almond. All-in-all a nice basic coffee that brews really well, and makes for a great espresso option too.
Nicaragua Dipilto Finca La Laguna –  has flavors that go from chocolate cookies to cinnamon/sugar toast, dry apricot to roasted barley, shifting greatly with roast level. Our best roasts were in the City+/FC range, showing a good deal of clarity in the cup, peaking with dark sugar and stone fruit flavors, low malic acidity and heavy cocoa in the finish. A great espresso option on it’s own or as a blend base.
Sumatra Aceh-Mandheling – Brewing middle-range roasts shows layered chocolate roast taste coupled with pungent molasses sweetness. The finish has a slight dryness and bittersweet quality, reminiscent of Baker’s Chocolate. Herbal highlights that you might expect from Mandheling-Aceh coffee come up, mixed in with a sort of non-descript "fruitiness" as it cools. Acidity is very low too, which makes for a nice blend component or wild earth-toned single origin espresso.


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