Abyssinia Variety

Rambung coffee variety or Abyssinia 7
Abyssinia 7 or Ab -7 /is also called Rambung coffee variety, known to be a cross of original Abyssinia 3 and TimTim, aka Timor Hybrid aka HdT

There are several types of Abyssinia, but they are not from Ethiopia but rather Indonesia.

Abyssinia 3 = AB3.  PJS Cramer, a Dutch plant researcher, introduced this variety in 1928, supposedly from Ethiopia seed stock. It was planted in East Java initially but some found its way to Aceh Tengah. There is some documentation to support its Ethiopian heritage. It has a large, and very elongated seed form. Reportedly the “abyssinia” types bear resemblance to Java variety, which is a breed from Cameroon, not Java.

Abyssinia 7 = AB7, called Rambung and widely planted, in Aceh. Reportedly an improved Abyssinia crossed with TimTim. Elongated bean form but generally less than AB-3, and more widely planted. The Abyssinia types have a tall and wide form, taking up more space and therefore less coffee yield per hectare. They also show productivity decline at 10 years according to the Dutch report, but I hear people replace the trees after 20 years. There is a premium for marketing “longberry” coffee in the Java market, so I observe people still planting and separating these coffees. The image with this entry is AB-7

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