Sorting Out Our Coffees

Oct. 2, 2015

I am happy to annouce we have a new way to view our coffees, compare them, and select them for purchase. It’s a first step for us. The new Green Coffee List View doesn’t have all the features we plan to add. But we thought we should roll this out now, and build in new functions as we go along.

First off, you can now skip all the pretty pictures if you prefer: There’s the option along the top for Image View or List View. Then you have the choice to sort by Region, Alphabetically, or based on Price. We will create a way to view the Newest Arrivals soon.

The Side Bar is basic for now: You can select a Country, or see just the Blends, Decafs or Sample Sets. The other results are grayed-out beneath. The side bar will be greatly expanded in the near future, allowing you to filter for particular varieties of coffee, flavor profiles, suggestions for espresso, among other characteristics.

Our community has asked us many times to allow a way to order from a List View, and we have added that feature. The expandable Quick View will let you see a bit more about a coffee, and order it without leaving the list. You can open multiple Quick Views within one origin to make a quick comparison.

It’s not perfect: we know that our Spidergraph in the Quick View needs to expand to a larger size, and that blank space is where a longer description will be … soon.

Also, the page initially takes a bit to load. But we felt that we should just give access to the new layout as is, and improve it as we go along. -T.O.


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