Sweet Maria’s Got a Brand New Bag

Nov. 11, 2015

For years, we have been packaging our roasted coffee in valve bags with a gold, metallic back and a clear plastic front. Our tastes have changed and we decided to ship our roasted coffee in new white, opaque bags with a metallic lining. The barrier is just as good but gone is the floor-to-ceiling window that was great to view roasted coffee through. The trade off is that a totally opaque bag blocks out light. Light is one of the major enemies of coffee freshness so having you coffee live in darkness is a good thing. The zipper seal works great, the valve keeps out oxygen and the heat-sealed opening assures that you won’t have a coffee blow-out when USPS uses your mail as a step stool.

In the meantime please enjoy, your fresh, roasted coffee in our new bags. If you like them, we are selling them separately in two different sizes for your home roasting needs.

Speaking of home roasting…we are always excited to hear about our customers sharing or selling their roasted coffee. If you are one of these generous, entrepreneurial, adventurous people, we are curious about how you brand your coffee. Do you use sticker labels with fancy artwork, a custom stamp or just write on the bag with a ball point pen? Send us photos of your roasted coffee packaging and we’ll showcase your branding mastery in a blog post or web page. It will be a good way to advertise your home-roastery and a good way for us to learn about how folks are using the bags we sell.

Email us at [email protected] (subject line: My Coffee Bag) with a short description and a photo of your coffee all bagged up and ready to go.

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