Sweet Maria’s Supports The Stumping Project

When short trees equal tall rewards.

We are excited to announce that we recently donated to The Stumping Project, a project with a focus in Ethiopia that incentivizes farmers to renew their coffee crops by stumping their plants. Lopping the top off of your prized crop may not seem like common sense when you are trying to grow more coffee but stumping (yes, cutting it down to a stump) is actually a critical step in improving yields and quality. Stumping a 25-year old tree can generate yields equal to, or better than those of younger trees.

A two-year pilot program conducted in Sidamo, Ethiopia by Technoserve demonstrated that after one harvest without production, stumped trees will grow back and yield at 70% of pre-stumped levels in the second year. The following year’s harvest will have the potential to produce between two to four times more cherries for the next six years.

Click Here to learn more about The Stumping Project.

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