The Aillio Bullet is Compact

The Aillio Bullet gives you a lot of roasting capacity in a compact frame.

When people come into our warehouse to pick up their orders, one of the first things they see is an Aillio Bullet on display next to the other home coffee roasters we sell. It is pretty hard to miss given its unique design and notoriety amongst the home coffee roasting crowd. After seeing the Bullet, the first thing many people say is a line straight out of the 1989 mega-hit Roadhouse, “I thought you’d be bigger.” Much like Patrick Swayze in the aforementioned movie, the Bullet packs a lot of punch in a small frame.

Tom holding the Aillio Bullet to give a sense of scale.
Tom holding the Aillio Bullet to give it some scale.

It’s Not Much Bigger Than a Behmor.

One of the characteristics that makes the Bullet stand out are its legs. But they also give the illusion that the Bullet is much bigger than it actually is. We took the opportunity to remove the legs, which is a relatively straightforward process that only requires the removal of several bolts, to compare the size of the Bullet to one of our other popular rosters, the Behmor 2000AB Plus. As the photos show, the volume of roasters is pretty similar with the Bullet being a bit narrower and longer than the Behmor.

You can pack it up if you need to.

We know that most Aillio Bullet owners set their roaster up in a dedicated location, but we wanted to show that if you did want or need to travel with your Bullet, or move it conveniently, you could. The Bullet doesn’t quite fit in a carry-on bag, but it does fit in a small duffel with a bunch of padding to protect the delicate components on the underside.

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    1. Hi Enrique, we are the US distributer of the Bullet, and it can be found on our site HERE. Right now, we’re shipping the roaster with 10# of coffee free too.

      Let us know if you have any questions!


  1. Hi there my name is Ricardo, I am own a little coffeeshop in downtown Mexico City. But right now I am visiting Southern California. I would like to ask if you do shipping to Mexico City

    1. Hey Ricardo. At this time we’re not offering shipping to Mexico, but we may be able to work something out with you if you’re in Southern California right now. Send us an email over to [email protected] and we can go over some of the available options.


  2. Hi . Pablo here, I wonder de if You deliver the allioo bullet any to any place un américa . In My case florida , and how much would would be the delivery cost.
    Thank You

    1. I guess it’s “easy” is relative, but I’m glad you were able to manage it! It’s definitely at the larger end of our home roasters, but still much more compact and easy to move than most other 1kg roasters out there.


  3. Hello, I hope I’m asking this question in the appropriate venue. I have a Gene Cafe that is still chugging along after 14 years of use, but am starting to ponder the Ailio Bullet as a potential next step. I was wondering about smoke, though. With the Gene I’m just barely able to keep my smoke detector from going off, by using an exhaust fan and opening an outside door. Would the Bullet produce significantly more smoke? I imagine it would, simply because it has 4x the capacity.

    1. Hey there, it’s a very good question. The Bullet is similar in that there is no smoke suppression system, but can be vented. The Bullet can certainly kick out more smoke than the Gene too, since it has a MUCH larger roast capacity. For Bullet ventilation options, you can buy a small 3D printed attachment that just sits in the exhaust outlet and hook up dryer venting up to that. You don’t want it to be too long though, as condensation can build up during roasting and drip back into the roaster. I think the recommendation by Bullet is <3 feet, but would need to revisit. The other option is passive venting with a hood. The squirrel cage fan to vent smoke works incredibly well, and exhausts the smoke in a pretty well defined stream. This means that even something like a 3" diameter hose with inline fan sitting above the outlet will effectively pull smoke.

      Bullets are great, but also a big jump in price from what you have. We're happy to answer any other questions you have!


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