Behmor Connected Brewer – A Video Overview

The “connected” model has been discontinued in favor of the non-connected model! But this video is still helpful for “connected” owners!

How often do you see the new smart-phone controlled appliance discontinued in favor of the older, non-smart (?) model ? Well that’s what Joe decided to do, as his excellent brewer was really more foolproof in the non-phone-controlled / non-wifi version. It’s a great coffee brewer for so many reasons, with incredible control of the brew process, preheating of the water, and steep times (including pre-infusion control!) Don’t let an App ruin that 🙂 -T

Our old intro text:

The Behmor Connected Brewer is a great machine that follows in the footsteps of the Brazen, Behmor’s original brewer that catered to folks wanting full control over almost every aspect of brewing. The Connected does everything a Brazen does with one round glowing button replacing all the tiny rectangle buttons.

You control it with an app on your phone. This means, once the water and coffee are in the machine, you don’t need to be next to it to make it brew. If you aren’t the type that gets excited about controlling your coffeemaker with your phone, all you need to do is press the one and only button on the front and it will go into auto pilot and brew a pot of coffee without the use of an app on your phone.

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