The Sweet Maria’s Starter Kits

Long time Sweet Maria’s customers know that  convenience and legibility are not exactly the thoughts that leap to mind when shopping our website.  It is more like a labyrinth, with a gift shop attached.   This is something of a blessing and a curse; we do want folks to try home roasting and be as into it as we are, and what gets us excited about roasting and coffee are all the details, but maybe we throw too much information, too many choices, into the mix to start.

It’s probably too late for a personality transplant, so we cooked up the idea to offer “Starter Kits” which group together some things that you could poke around and find yourself, but makes them easier to order.  We thought this may be more convenient for folks just getting started roasting, or those who want to give a gift. The good thing is that you aren’t locked into choosing the entire kit, so you can customize it for your needs (and budget).  And if the kits don’t appeal to you, if you just want to assemble your own ala cart kit, that is fine too. Check out the  new starter kits here. – Maria

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