A Step-by-Step Installation Guide to the Behmor Upgrade Kits

Installing the Behmor Upgrade Kits is easier than you think and enhances many roasting features.

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Behmor has been making roasters for a long time and they continue to update their machines with improvements and new features. If you have have an older model (1600, 1600 Plus or 1600AB Plus) you can upgrade the features in your machine by installing an upgrade control panel kit.

The panel will add an audible beep when the “Unattended Roaster” safety feature kicks in, same as the latest Behmor iteration, the 2000 AB Plus).

It also includes an updated processor with more memory and a shorter refresh time for more effective profiling. The updated motor will allow you to better control the drum speed during the roast cycle.

Behmor 1600 Plus
The Behmor 1600 Plus in Action! (With older, silver control panel)

I see two kits available, which kit do I need?

That depends on the Behmor roaster model you have. One kit covers what we like to call the “silver panel editions”, which are the older 1600 and 1600 Plus roasters. While the other upgrade kit is only for the Behmor 1600 AB (“all black”) Plus coffee roaster.

What’s the difference between these two kits?

Color for one. The 1600 kit has Behmor’s brushed aluminum panel, whereas the other comes in black. But beyond that, the 1600 and 1600 Plus kits also have an upgraded 2-speed motor to replace the older units. The AB Plus already has the latest motor.

I like the way my Behmor roasts as it is, are the improvements really worth the time and money?

That all depends on what your priorities are. I’d say those with the 1st generation 1600 stand to reap the largest return. This new panel allows you to roast with manual heat function, which can significantly shorten your roast times. We also love having the audible alert for the “Unattended Roaster” safety feature to help keep from blowing roast batches. But no matter the roaster you’re thinking about upgrading, it’s a good idea to decide if the improvements will enhance your roasting experience or not before diving in.

How mechanically inclined do you have to be to perform this upgrade?

You don’t! We found this job to be straight-forward and easy for most beginners. There’s no soldering and everything is plug and play. Perhaps the trickiest step is matching up the color coded wiring to the diagram when installing the new power board. Taking photos of the old wiring before you unplug them is extremely helpful when it comes time to tackle this step.

The Behmor power board all wired up before replacing with the new unit in the Behmor upgrade kits
The Behmor power board all wired up before replacing with the new unit in the Behmor upgrade kits

A Video Tutorial to upgrading the Behmor 1600, 1600 Plus and 1600 AB Plus

Watch the video below for instructions on how to replace the PCB panel, motor and circuit board in your Behmor. These instructions also apply to the 2-piece upgrade kit for 2000AB models, minus needing to replace the motor.

You will need a few tools and there are a fair number of screws to keep track of when removing the exterior panels. But with a little patience, you can upgrade your Behmor on your own and enjoy those new features you have been hoping for, like an audible beep that warns you of the err7 safety feature.

Behmor 1600 Plus Upgrade of Control Panel

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