The Victorio Stainless Steel Stovepops Have Arrived

Feb. 19, 2018

We are pretty excited that the Victorio Stovepops are finally in stock. A pallet of them just arrived today. We tested one a few weeks back and thought it was one of the best popper/coffee roasters we have ever used.  It seems like there was a home roaster working secretly behind the scenes alongside the popcorn popper design team at Victorio.

When using the test model, it was apparent that it resolves many of the issues that have come with other hand crank poppers.


  • The insulated handle opposite the crank allows for safe 2-handed handling of your hot popper.
  • The lid flips up easily and is held open magnetically.
  • No gears. The agitating arms are turned by a gear-less “Flex-drive” cable.
  • The base works with all stovetops, including induction.


CLICK HERE to purchase one.

….and HERE to purchase one with a coffee roasting starter kit.

…and HERE to read our initial thoughts on it.


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