Three New Central American coffees

July 11, 2014

Honduras Ocotepeque Manuel Espana is a nice daily drinker, with balance between flavors of dark sugar, toasted nut, and tea-like acidity.

Costa Rica Roger Solis La Casona is one of two coffees we’re adding from San Martin de Tarrazu. This one’s fully washed and shows ultra-sweet caramelized sugar flavors along with brilliant, berry-like acidity.

Costa Rica Yellow Honey San Marcos Arracache is a cleanly fruited pulp-natural coffee, boasting a complex profile with aspects of stone fruit, citrus, nut, and black tea.


These three are a nice cross-section of Central American coffee, showcasing just how wide the variety of cup characteristics can be from one region to the next as well as with varying processes – throw in a Guatemala and you’re set for a Central America cup test! No micro-lots this time…we have 20lb bags if you want ’em.

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