Ye Dusty Olde Sweet Maria’s Coffee Review Archive

Back in the old days  – you know, like last decade! – Sweet Maria’s published coffee reviews on static html pages.  Nowadays webpages are “dynamic” so they have a lot more features but there is something about the old pages that are appealing.  So we keep them around!  In case you want to see the first time we had Colombia Mesa de Los Santos for example, or what were the Ethiopian arrivals like in 2005?   Odd questions perhaps but questions none the less.  So here are links to reviews from the past:


2007 A to COL and COS to F,   G to KL to P,  R to S,  T to Z

2005-2006 –  A to COL and COS to FG to K,  L to PR to S,  T to Z

2003-2004  –  A to FG to K,  L to PR to S,  T to Z

2001-2002 –  A to FG to L,  M to P,  P to Z,  main page

Pre-2000 – one big file!


2007 –
2005 -2006 –
2003 -2004 –
2001-2002 –
Pre-2000 –
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