Green Coffee Storage

High Barrier Ecotact Green Coffee Storage -Sweet Marias
High Barrier Ecotact Green Coffee Storage

Green coffee is the dried seed from the fruit of a tree. In the past it was shipped in jute or sisal bags, which prevented coffee from becoming mouldy, but also exposed it to the changing conditions, especially in the hot and humid maritime transport.

We now have 100% of our coffee shipped in traditional jute bags with an inner multi-layer plastic that acts as a barrier to create a more stable environment for the coffee.

Our advice for our green coffee is that it should remain stable for 6 months, stored in a cool dark place like a cupboard, and in a barrier container. Glass is a great barrier!. We also sell Ecotact high barrier bags for green coffee storage. The combination of temperature stability, protecting coffee from direct sunlight, and a high barrier package will maintain coffee quality longer and preserve cup quality.

But even in the best conditions, green coffee will naturally develop aged tastes in 9 months to a year. These generally take the form of a papery flavor, or even wet cardboard in extreme cases. 

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