Yemen – Citadels of Harasi

Harasi is another coffee region within a few hours of Sana’a.

But it seems like an area hundreds of years back in time when departing the main road. They have great coffee here, and more of the crop is terrace-grown than what we saw in Saihi the day before.

We have had access to Harasi (also sp. Harazi) coffee in the past, but not lately. This is a complex trader network here, from the local village coffee collector to the miller in Sana’a, to the exporter in Hodeidah. There are alliances and competition.

Harazi is perhaps as well known as Ismaili within Yemen as the place where high quality coffee comes from. In Sana’a every coffee merchant will say their coffee is from Ismaili or Harasi.

Harazi Coffee Photos

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