Yemeni Coffee Travels – Hiking to Saih Valley

Our first visit to a coffee area was the Saih valley. The coffee from here is called Saihi, which is the normal conjugation here… coffee from Bani Mattar is Mattari, etc.

This is coffee is different than the other origins we visited, because it is grown in the narrow confines of a valley, and it was the only place I saw the use of shade trees for the coffee in Yemen.

I’ll remember this hike for many things, like shooting off the old Russian “11” (AK47?) up at the end of the canyon. It was like channeling pure hillbilly but halfway across the planet.

I also remember how stupid I was for tasting a “yellow tomato” that was, like totally not a green tomato. As I wrote at the time “…Looks like some sort of yellow tomato to me, and seemed like they had cultivated it there. So I, being curiously ignorant, had a little nibble. I have never, ever tasted anything more vile, and it took everything to keep from wretching right there … and for the next 30 minutes hiking up the trail. When I asked, between gags, “how the hell can you eat that?!?” they laughed. “We never eat that.” Doh!

Saih Valley Yemen Photos

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