Yemen – Hodeida, The New Yemen Mocha

Al Hudaydah, known has Hodeida or Hodeidah, is the coffee port on the Red Sea and fourth largest city in Yemen.

We traveled to Hodeida, the port city for coffee in Yemen on the Red Sea. The old port city is Al Mohka (Al Mocha, Al Mahka) which is where the name Mocha coffee came from.

Hodeida is not that appealing, and even at this mild time of the year is still so muggy compared to high-altitude Sana’a. There seems to be more Afro-Arab peoples here too.

It would be fantastic to visit the old city of Al Mahka but I understand there is little there to see … or perhaps they just didn’t want to make the trip south of Hodeidah. I was disappointed at the time but thought I would return and make the journey.

I didn’t think returning to Yemen would become so difficult, as conflict increased and security in the country diminished.

Hodeidah, City of Sweat!

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