2 Funky Ones: Mokha Mattari & Sumatra Lake Tawar

For those who love the rustic, funky flavors of natural dry processed coffees, this is an arrival you might pay attention to. It’s unusual to offer a coffee with certain qualifications, but I felt this Yemen Mokha Mattari FC+ is so good with the right roast that I put it in the title: FC+, Full City + roast. We received the cryptically named Sumatra 19+ TP – Lake Tawar (translation: 19/64ths or greater bean size, triple pick hand sorting to remove defects). It is a sister coffee to the Iskandar Triple pick, but more rustic, herbal, foresty … basically, more Sumatra-like. In addition, the wildly popular Ethiopia Organic Idido Misty Valley DP is due next Wednesday (had to revise the date, it isn’t ready for pickup as of now). Bear in mind this week we are working through the orders that accumulated from the holidays, and are running about a 48-72 hour shipping lag, just so you know. My advice, wait for the Idido if you haven’t enjoyed it yet. -Tom

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