Sweet Maria’s Past: A Good Sign

Dec. 19, 2018

We are clearing the leftovers from our last Oakland warehouse and moving it all (mainly small items and decor) into our current Oakland warehouse. One very important item we came across was the wooden Sweet Maria’s sign that used to hang over the door going into our main office. It was visible to anyone walking into our business but one thing was kinda off about it…the address was incorrect. This is because it was the original sign that hung over the first Sweet Maria’s location in Columbus, Ohio at 9 E. 2nd ave, back in the late 90’s. If this sign could talk, it could tell you a lot about green coffee, heavy metal and UPS trucks.


Inside Sweet Maria’s (Columbus, Ohio)


The sign’s original home, in Ohio. photo: ineedcoffee.com

It’s handcrafted and beautiful so there’s no way we can pass up on displaying it but we have to find a place for it where the address won’t confuse anyone.

Hmmm…where do you put a sign with a 20 year old, out of state address?

All this has got us feeling very nostalgic. Wanna know more about our roots? CLICK HERE read more about our past and how Sweet Maria’s got started in a dark Ohio basement.

Oh, by the way, Barista Magazine recently published this interview with Tom, focusing on Sweet Maria’s origins.



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