A Whole Bunch of New Kenyan Coffees

Sept. 18, 2015

Kenya Nyeri Gatomboya AA shows an array of citrus and dark fruit flavors – pomello, Naval orange, kumquat, plum and blackberry. Acidity is high, a ‘grabby’ citrus juice with pulp cuts through across the roast spectrum. Great Kenya espresso.

Kenya Nyeri Thageini AA is loaded with fresh fruit notes, a remarkable depth of flavors – ripe plum, citrus, cherry, and pineapple. Acidity is brilliant and citrus-like. Expect flavors of chocolate and hazelnut uncommon to the region.
Kenya Nyeri Ichuga AB shows a nice range of fresh citrus to dried fruit flavors. Orange/tangerine, dried blackberry and strawberry, and tart mango. Sweet/tart notes add a puckering mouthfeel. Moderate acidity and dark, deep sweetness make this a great dual-use Kenya.  Great Kenya espresso.
Kenya Nyeri Gititu Peaberry makes a unique Kenya cup, with floral honey flavors reminiscent of Ethiopian white honey. Brilliant citrus to strawberry-like acidity.
Kenya Othaya Gatuyaini AB has complex raw sugar notes and a variety of citrus flavors, especially at City/City+. Pomegranate, cardamom spice, raisin, and a Darjeeling tea accent. Full City builds cocoa bittersweetness too, making for a wonderful Kenya espresso option.

Kenya Sample Set: 4 Pack A 4 pound pack of our current single origin coffees from Kenya with a small discount. These are 89 to 93 point coffees, and span the flavor range of light and bright, to fruit bomb.

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