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Ripe cherry in the background, next years crop coming in the form of flower buds. This is a coffee farmers dream India

Floral notes in coffee exemplify the connection between taste and smell. Describing the taste of a specific flower is near impossible…we always default to “it tastes like it smells” which, admittedly, isn’t the most helpful.  Floral notes are primarily a delicate, aromatic quality – aim for a lighter roast and take a deep whiff as you sip to emphasize the florals in your coffee. A visit to your local nursery to smell flowers associated with coffee will help you to better distinguish between different types of floral notes. Florals range from those common to wine and beer (particularly, those from hops / esters) to those found in teas. Unlike tea, coffee is never literally scented by drying with flowers, so there is an unpredictable nature to the occurence of floral aromatics and flavors. That said, they are most often found in wet-process Ethiopian coffee in my experience, and the roast must be light enough not to obscure them. Coffee flowers themselves are supremely scented, bearing resemblance to milder forms of Jasmine!

Types Of Florals Common In Coffee Aromatics and Flavor

  • Jasmine: a powerful and penetrating floral scent, found in some Ethiopian coffees, and similar varieties (Gesha) from Guatemala, Panama, Colombia.
  • Honeysuckle: a classic floral scent but milder and more delicate than jasmine, found in Ethiopia, some Guatemala
  • Fruit blossoms: a variety of types, namely stone fruit and cherry, sometimes found in  Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda
  • Wildflowers: a more dusky and herbal floral profile, found sometimes in dry-process Ethiopia, Central America, etc.
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