AeroPress Clear – A Brewing Demonstration

A quick brew video with the new Aeropress clear coffee maker

Here’s a straightforward brewing video Jarrett made, showing the clear version of the AeroPress coffee maker that was recently released.

What if a transparently great coffee maker like the AeroPress Original was also, literally, transparent? Well now it is, and it is called the Aeropress Clear. The functionality of the AeroPress Clear is identical to the AeroPress Original – it is great for travel or making smaller volumes, it brews quickly, it is easy to clean, and it gives you tons of control – while allowing you greater clarity into exactly how your coffee is brewing.

The clear Aeropress has no other differences from the “original” version. Both now feature silicone plunger material. Sadly both now ship with fewer filters (they used to include a pack of 100). Boo! On the flip side, Clear – Yay!

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