Aillio Bullet Pulley Wheel Screws – V2 Update

Updated information about Aillio Bullet Pulley Wheel Screw positioning on the new Aillio Bullet R1 V2

There have been some customer service questions related to the Aillio Bullet Pulley Wheel Screw positioning as people are unboxing and initially setting up their roasters. It is suggested to check the pulley alignment out of the box to ensure that nothing has come loose during shipping.

The confusion comes when people see that their pulley has 2 screw holes but only 1 screw. This is totally normal, and nothing to worry about.

The Aillio Bullet pulley wheel lies parallel to the back of the machine behind the exhaust housing. It is powered by the drum motor. You are to use the H2 screwdriver included with the toolkit to tighten the hub on the drum pulley.

The newest version of the Aillio Bullet R1 V2 comes with only one hex screw inserted into the pulley wheel, as opposed to the two screws that were included previously.

Pulley Wheel
View of the Pulley Wheel with both screw holes showing.

Pictured here are the two holes. On the right is the hex style screw that is used to secure the pulley wheel to drum shaft. The hole on the left should remain empty.

An update from Aillio Support:

“Some glue is applied to the screw so it is much stronger than before. As long as the belt doesn’t slip, the screw should be strong enough to hold the pulley.”

This video contains the outdated information surrounding the screw placement, although is still quite helpful for understanding the position of the pulley wheel and alignment.

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2 Responses

  1. You can blame me for this LOL. Thank you for clarifying to the rest of the parties here haha. Thanks for taking care of me as well Sweet Marias! Best support group ever!

    For those of you who would want to use a double screw or just have a spare, if you have a Menards in the area, they carry the exact hex screws (potentially slightly longer/shorter) that you can pick up. Please bring your old one for comparison purposes but should be somewhere in the 4mm x 6-10 range if you need to pick one up locally.

    As mentioned, if you take the old screw out, they use a little bit of blue threadlocker to secure it. Feel free to add to keep it from shaking out and you’ll be good to go ;). Mine is currently using a double screw to secure the pulley with no issues.

    Hex Screw –

    Blue Threadlocker –

    1. If you’re the one who pointed this oversight out to us, then thank you Blynn – that was great feedback, and something we had missed

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