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We put together this page to offer the latest Bullet coffee roaster information in one place… and here’s a quick link to our Bullet Roaster in our Shopping Cart.

So what is the Bullet Coffee Roaster? 

The Aillio Bullet is a 1kg electric drum coffee roaster. That’s 2.2lbs maximum capacity. It can be hooked up to your computer USB for total control or roasted with the onboard interface. How can it roast so much and roast so well? The Bullet uses an efficient induction heating system! It’s the only small roaster we know that uses this type of heating.

We don’t like to oversell … and with the Bullet we tend to get a bit excited because it’s a great coffee roaster. But is the Bullet R1 for Everyone? No! It’s expensive. It’s not a kitchen-counter-type appliance (see dimensions). And 1kg is a lot of coffee! The Bullet is not hard to operate, but we do not recommend it for those without experience. Start with a popper and learn the roast process first! The Bullet doesn’t need much, but we do not recommend it for those intimidated by a hex head screwdriver!

You will need to clean it, make occasional adjustments, and eventually do small repairs like replace a belt. But it is a wonderful, innovative machine that gives great control of the roast process, and produces fantastic coffee with its induction heat transfer technology.

Please contact us at [email protected]  and we will address needed repairs, diagnose any unusual sounds or just get you the advice you need. Keep in mind we plan on updating this page with more advice and information consistently to reflect updates, roasting questions and concerns. Also, 

On this page you will find these sections below:
  • Aillio Bullet R1 Coffee Roaster Intro and Basics
  • Bullet Resources, Links, Downloads, Support Info, User Groups
  • Bullet Roaster Advanced Tips and Refinements
  • Bullet Cleaning, Maintenance and Upgrading

Aillio Bullet Intro and Basics Information

Aillio Bullet Links and Docs


Facebook Group: Check out the Aillio Bullet R1 users group on Facebook. This is a good place to see what other Bullet owners are up to. You can usually get input from other owners 24/7 as active community members are spread across time zones.

PDF Help: If everything’s working but the combination of roasting software and a brand new machine is a little overwhelming, we recommended starting off by roasting with just the panel until you get used to how the machine roasts. Before using a new roaster, check the drum position, front bearing position, and that drum operates okay! See the  Quick Start Sheet and the Online Manual !

You can contact Aillio directly. Please keep in mind that Aillio is a small company located in Taiwan. Much of their efforts are dedicated to keep up with the demand for R1 machines and they are probably in a different time zone so they might be a little slow in regards to response time…but they will get back to you. 
+886 02 2550 8851
[email protected]
Aillio’s contact page


Bullet Roaster Advanced Tips & Refinements

Bullet Cleaning, Maintenance, Upgrade

Our Aillio Bullet R1 Post Gallery

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