aligning the planets

Been working on getting the planets (or some of them at least) aligned, and it looks like we’re getting pretty close with Jupitar, Venus, Mercury, and Mars all getting into the fun. What does all this mean for Coffee Shrub? For starters it means that Aleco is just getting back from his first Shrub mission to Ethiopia and Kenya, and word is that there are some stunning offerings lined up. It also means that there will be a Schooley trek out to Oakland in about two weeks. Look forward to a Shrub Ustream during that visit, as well as one sooner with a panel cupping of some roast experiments as well some Q&A about impacts on quality during the roast as well as looking at other craft products and what similar impacts to quality there are to them during their production (aligning crafts, planets, shrub outposts, etc.)

If you missed last Friday’s Sweet Maria’s webcast, you missed a really great discussion about coffee processing. I’ve embedded the video from the stream, and encourage you to take the time and watch it. Watching the stream live means you get to ask questions in real time, but definitely pose questions about this broadcast and its topics either here, or on facebook or twitter. Always love to get some discussion going.