Another kind of coffee filter

Oct. 17, 2019

Filters are good. They make water taste better, make your IG pictures look awesome and keep your motor oil clean. Did you know they can make your green coffee buying experience better? We just launched our Box of Chocolate 4 Pack, which gives you an easy way to order 4lbs of chocolaty coffees and we wanted to remind all the chocolate lovers out there know that we offer a lot more than just 4 coffees that will satisfy your cocoa cravings. The easiest way to find them on our site is to use our coffee filters (no, not the kind that your brew coffee with).  The next time you are browsing our green coffee, check out the left side (desktop) or top (mobile) of your screen for our Flavor And Profile filter. Right now we have 28 chocolaty coffees to choose from.

You can also use our filters to search for other characteristics like brightness, balance, earthiness, etc. We also have filters for specific roast levels and coffees that are good for espresso.


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