One Way to Cold Brew – Mix, Steep & Filter

Cold brew concentrate made from ground coffee, cool water and a little patience.

Here’s a simple way to make your cold brew concentrate at home. FYI, you will need to let it sit in the fridge overnight so a little patience is required but it’s super easy and it doesn’t require fancy gear or exact measuring. Try experimenting with different coffees and different roast levels. Let us know how your cold brew concentrate turns out.

Super simple, but it takes a while

-4oz coarse ground coffee

-2.5 cups water


step 1 – Combine coffee and water

step 2 – Steep 8-12 hours in fridge

step 3 – Pour through a paper filter

step 4 – Let drip for about 30 min

step 5 – Store cold brewed coffee in fridge

Here’s the gear we used and the gear we think would work well.

Clever Coffee Dripper

Glass Brewing Carafe

Chemex Brewers


Hario V60

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