Boat Came in, Again.

The boat came in, again. While we continue to run out of early-season lots, later arrivals (and a new crop of Indonesia Java) have emerged. I know there’s a lot of coffees coming in but I would loathe “pacing out” these arrivals artificially, since what we do here at SM is simply a reflection of the coffee crop cycle, and what small, outstanding lots of new crop coffee we can source. Guatemala FTO Quiche – Maya Ixil is a milder, lower acid Central with a really nice milk chocolate and fruit character. A sleeper “generic” Colombia Excelso 13356 … hey, cup quality is wherever you find it, with or without estate or micro-regional pedigree. Here’s a completely wild and even questionable coffee, but I had to put it out there: Ethiopia FTO DP Lekempti. The review explains why. And on the flip side, that heavy-body, tame-flavored new crop Java Government Estate Djampit is here. If you are overstocked on green, just put down the credit card and roll back from that computer … these lots will be here at least a couple months. – Tom