USDA coffee variety
USDA coffee variety In Java Sunda Indonesia

USDA is (obviously) the United States Department of Agriculture. USDA also had coffee plant breeding programs in the past and one variety they distributed to Indonesia and was widely planted is called USDA  (sounds like  “OOH-STA” in locally)

USDA types were brought here by the US in the 1950s: S731, s762 and s765. S762 is most widely planted. S762 was part of a collection of seeds gathered by the UN Food & Agriculture Organization from the Mizan Tafari Ethiopia in the 1955. 10 plants were sent to the coffee research station in Jember, Java. The image at the top of this article, of seedlings, is S731 USDA, which a farmer in Aceh intends to plant as a separated variety on his farm! The image on the glossary entry is USDA at Pak Wildan farm in Java Sunda

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