Choosing a Pour Over Brewer

Nov. 30, 2018

The concept of brewing coffee is pretty simple…pour hot water through grounds. So why are there so many brewing devices on the market? Each brewer we carry has a unique shape and flow rate. There are different sizes too. Shopping for a pour over brewer is comparable to shopping for a roaster since you are trying to find the right one instead of just buying the newest or most expensive one. Here’s a few things you should ask yourself as you stare into the mirror , deciding which dripper will be your next.

How much coffee am I brewing? Sure. you can make a carafe of coffee with a tiny dripper. You will just be pouring very slow for a long time since your brewer will probably be filled to the brim with ground coffee and won’t have much room for water. You could also brew half a cup with a #6 sized dripper but using such a large cone with such a large filter f0r such a small amount of coffee is a bit odd.

#2, #4 and other medium sized drippers are great for one or two cups at a time. #1 sized drippers are the proper size for the routine single cup and a #6 sized dripper is good for brewing into carafes or large travel mugs.


How technical am I when brewing? If you enjoy weighing your water, timing your extraction and making sure all the details are in check when brewing, keep an eye out for drippers with larger holes in the bottom like the Hario V60 or Chemex. A larger hole means faster drainage which means you can control the extraction with how fast you pour water onto the grounds. Drippers with less drainage like Kalitas offer you less control but more opportunity for consistent cups.

The Clever Dripper eliminates any need for pour control since the bottom remains plugged until it’s time to drain your coffee.


Where am I making my coffee? Hotel room? Office desk? Kitchen counter? Campsite? If your brewing happens on the road or on picnic tables, you should consider a brewer made from metal or plastic. Shattering your dripper would mean no coffee until you can find a replacement…think about it….scary, huh?

If you are making coffee at home, work or in an environment where there’s less brewer abuse going on, consider a glass or ceramic option. They look nicer too.

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