Aillio Bullet R1 Firmware Update Announced

There’s a new firmware for the Bullet posted today over on the Aillio site Roast World. If you own a Bullet it’s a great idea to check the site for such updates from time to time! This update cannot be run from the Beta Mac version though.

Instructions from Jacob state:

“To update your firmware to beta V428, please use RoasTime, click Settings -> Updates -> Check for beta FW. Then type the password: improvements in the box to the right of the Check for beta FW button.

If you have an older Bullet you will have to re-install the windows drivers after updating the firmware. After updating, start Roastime and check that the Bullet connects. If not, download the drivers USB DRIVERS 1and follow the guide carefully. There is no need to re-install RoasTime.

Should you experience any issues, please report them here or to Aillio support on facebook or email. “


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  1. Hello, I have a newer generation R1 I got through you. I’m trying to roast a larger quantity of coffee but just noticed the preheat temperature won’t go past 250 C. Would you have a suggested fix? Thanks!

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