Bullet Roast Profile Video: New Classic Espresso

A video overview of our recent Bullet Roast Profile featuring Sweet Maria’s New Classic Espresso blend.

For our latest installment of the AIlio Bullet roast videos, we take a stab at roasting the Sweet Maria’s New Classic Espresso blend. I reached the beginnings of 2nd Crack as planned, but the path to get there was not what I expected!

The idea was to use our previous Espresso Monkey roast profile as a template, simply extending the latter part of this roast a little longer to develop the coffee to a nice Full City+ roast level. The blends handled quite differently in the roaster, which is no surprise given the different ingredients.

Nevertheless, the Full City+ roast outlined in this video tasted amazing, and is a very simple profile to replicate!

Check out the video where we share our roast graph and tasting notes of the New Classic Espresso blend:

Hop over to the Sweet Maria’s Roast World page to view or download the roast graph (you’ll have to be logged in for access).

Full review and order info for Sweet Maria’s New Classic Espresso blend

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Ever since we started selling the Aillio Bullet R1 1 kg coffee roaster, there’s been a growing number of inquiries about sharing roast profiles for the coffees on our list. To be honest, it’s something we’ve longed to do for all our roasters, but the Bullet is special case.

The built in Roast Time software that the Bullet comes with makes plotting your roasts and sharing profiles incredibly easy. You can then upload any of your roasts to your personal profile in AIllio’s Roast World community, where Bullet users from all over the world can access your roasts, download your Aillio Bullet recipes for playback, and even modify the automated changes.

See our full list of Bullet roast profiles HERE.

2 Responses

  1. I roasted this blend on a FreshRoast over a year ago and loved it. I ordered 20 pounds of it and roasted it on my Bullet. It turned out to be the most bitter coffee I have ever had in my life. I know others have had this issue with this blend. Has anyone found a solution?

    1. Hi Sergio. Sorry to hear you’re not having the same luck with this roast. When I hear “bitter”, I think dark roast. Rarely would that have to do with the coffee, unless we were talking about Robusta.

      Were these results from following the roast profile I outline in this post? This roast profile is dark, with espresso in mind. New Classic is a really versatile blend, and doesn’t have to be roasted dark, though. Using the profile in this post as the example, you could try splitting on that last leg of the roast and drop your batch around 400F. That would be closer to C+.

      We’re happy to try helping you dial this in!

      Thanks for your comment Sergio.


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