Cafe do Brasil – 2005, page 6

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Walking back to Niteroi: There was a “funk fair” the next day, and they were installing this awesome motorcycle trick-riding bowl. Next day it rained, so I wasn’t sure if they pulled it all off. But I could hear some distant music in the evening. Headliner was MC Marinho backed up by MC Bob Rum.
The next day we took a short drive up to Itaipuacu. It is the small town that anchors a hugely long sancy beack, some 60 km long headed northward. I would have explored the whole thing, but that will have to wait until next trip. I wanted to get to the surfing beach called Saquerema. But no go.
Offerings: Along the road in Itaipuacu, offering plates mark the location of someone’s private ceremony. I am not sure of this is the Candomble religion they find in Bahia state, or something else.
Itaipuacu, looking south toward Niteroi. As I said, this is the start of an immense beach that extends far northward. The surf here is all shorebreak (the bottom comes up quickly all along here) so there’s not much going on in terms of surfing. Boo!
Headed out of Niteroi, toward Rio and the airport. This is a small island on the bay, across from the Museum, connected only by a small footbridge.