Official indoor “Soccer-Futbol” team of Sweet Maria’s Coffee



Café Fuerte FC

The only Official indoor “Soccer-Futbol” team of Sweet Maria’s Coffee

Cafe Fuerte FC 
January – March Men’s 16-Up Indoor Soccer League
Feb 17th: Okay, this is the first season and we are trying to figure out how to play with eachother, and master the indoor field (ie, playing soccer in a hocky rink, using the walls, the goal sizes). We are off to a rough start. We thought we would be skunking the opponents, but it is we who have been skunked! We should have won in our first 3 games, but we couldn’t turn our better skills into goals! We won the fourth game, but ti is little consolation for being 1-3 when we should be 4-0! There’s really only 3 Sweet Maria’s staffers on the team (Jose Serrano Sr and Jr and Thompson), and everyone else are friends. Jose Jr. wins the prize for most goals (not!) and Nebojsa for most booming shots (missed!). I Noe is the most welcome new addition to the team- experience, skill and power! I win the award for most time yelling about bad calls by the ref! Plus they discounted my only goal … wah! -Tom
Feb 28th: We slaugtered our opponents last week, 18-3. It seems we finally figured out how to put the ball in the net! So now we are 2-3 in this 10 game season.
First Season Wrapup: Okay, we stumbled. We lost our first 3, then won the remaining 5. It wasn’t enough to make the playoffs, but we were very close.
Second Season (Spring) Schedule: Here is a link to the schedule: .
On a completely different – but tangentially related note – we now have a Sweet Maria’s Soccer Ball