Popper Coffee Roaster – Changes as it Ages

I wanted to show you a Popper coffee roaster I have completed 115 batches on, and how the machine ages in this time. (Video 6.30 minutes)

Popper, like people changes as it gets old. Let’s talk about that!

People notice some discoloration inside the roast cylinder, so that gets some focus. I found that around 30 batches the Popper coffee roaster seemed to lose a little heating power from the coil. A small adjustment in time and batch size helps with that, and I have not seen any other shifts in the 80+ roasts since then. 

This machine is a Popper version one I specifically pulled from new stock to stress test.

I offer some roast tips in this video: Weigh all your green coffee batches, and how I use a simple inexpensive watt meter to know how much heat I am sending to the coil via the unmarked heat knob.

I also mention how to make the machine last. 1. Don’t roast dark :-(. 2. Keep it clean, especially the chaff basket. 3. Cooling between roast for 30 minutes.

Some Links: Popper is a Coffee Roaster | Inexpensive Wattmeter | Low Cost Digital Gram Scale

Popper Coffee Roaster – Changes as it Ages : Video 6:30 Minutes

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