Costa Rica Cafetalera Herbazu

Cafelatera Herbazu, Villa Sarchi Cultivar

We were looking over which new-arriving coffees were most popular, and which were selling slower, and I was shocked to see that Herbazu wet-process was a laggard.  Shocked! Anyway, looking at sales, or promoting a coffee because it isn’t ripping off the shelves is all foreign to me. It’s more “businessy” than SM, but the idea that poor Herbazu isn’t popular hurt a little bit. It’s like someone calling your child ugly. It’s not right. Is it the name? Sounds herbal? Is it the fact it is a super clean, bright classic Costa Rica, which is less interesting than the newer, more exotic Miel-processed coffees like Finca Genesis? I roasted some Herbazu samples and put them in the daily cupping lineup against some other Central Americas, Honduras, Guatemala, etc. Stunning coffee. Dynamic, sweet in the aroma, citric, zesty, palate-cleansing. Surprising was how the slightly darker FC roast cupped. Rindy orange notes were sweeter than the light roast, with a darker berry fruit underlaying the piquant citrus. It’s great coffee. It’s a 90 point cup for sure.

Anyway, the normal mode here is to simply “do what I do” and not look at what sells, etc. The idea is to buy great lots from each origin, to identify a great farm, work with them, and just tell the story of the coffee and the cup. That’s it, to let your palate lead you to great coffees, and buy with your heart. Maybe I should just ignore the relative popularity of each coffee, and just focus on sourcing the best lots. But, I might ask, if you are considering a bright, classic Central, consider poor Herbazu. I doubt you could possibly find flaw with such a precious coffee.  -Tom