Costa Rica + Ethiopia: Nothing in Common

…well, the only thing they have in common is they arrived on the same day. We have 2 new offerings: A special Costa Rica Naranjo Caracol Peaberry has arrived, a lot I found (or more correctly, it found me) while cupping in the Naranjo region this February. And, on the opposite end of the flavor spectrum, we have one of those fruited, funky, full-bodied, intense dry-process lots; Ethiopia Organic Sidamo DP – Moredocafe Coop. There have been no new promising dry-process Harar offers to date, so I think the MAO Horse Harar lot we now offer might (and I mean might) be it for the season. The issue was unseasonable rains during the time the coffee is out drying on the raised beds, and the result has been musty and moldy lots. Sidamo was affected too, but I have found some nice coffees despite the bulk of them having the strong musty-to-algae taint. And we have high hopes for our dry-process Yirgacheffe, Idido Misty Valley, which should come in 2 months or so.

On an unrelated note, we have the Yama Tabletop Brewer in stock now, which is a copy of the old Cona Classic brewer from the early 20th century. But it is a just a tad cheaper (I mean a lot less expensive). �-Tom

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