Darleen Scherer from Gorilla Coffee and yo 

Somebody apparently got hold of my camera and took a few shots. By the way, call DJ Suav’e at 219 – 545 – 0070 . if you need to rock the house and are somewhere around North Indiana. It’s a thrift store shirt. Darleen rode out on a 150cc scooter from Brooklyn! I believe it had to do with her gang affiliations down in Mille Lacs, and at “Tango Unit”: From the county newspaper: “Women inmates at Mille Lacs County Jail are housed in the new expansion recently completed at the jail — better known as the Tango Unit. It isn’t that the women are getting better treatment, it’s because more and more women are finding themselves in jail and prison. The increase is substantially more than their male counterpart. From 1985 to 2003, there was a 484 percent increase in the state’s female prison population (men had a 195 percent increase). In addition, there are separation issues. There are female inmates who are in gangs and if there are gangs from different counties, they may need to be kept apart. And, at times, there are harassment restraining orders within the jail.”

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