A Conversation with Lucia Solis, Coffee Fermentation Specialist, on Coffee Travel and Tourism

Thompson and Lucia Solis chat about the complicated relationship of the coffee buyer and the farmer, and the culture of coffee sourcing.

Making Coffee is a wonderful podcast series hosted by a wonderfully knowledgeable person: Lucia Solis. With a background in chemistry and the wine industry, she comes to coffee with unique perspectives as she works with coffee producers to improve their fermentation methods. Her enterprise is based now in Guatemala and is called Luxia Coffee Solutions.

In this podcast, titled Visiting Producers, Advanced Tourism & The Coffee Hunter with Tom of Sweet Maria’s, Lucia and Thompson are focused on something else though, not coffee processing. The talk is about the issues around coffee travel that come up when a buyer “works” with a coffee producer. Even the term “we work with” has become ubiquitous in coffee marketing when a roaster speaks of a farm they buy from. Is that a fair characterization of the relationship?

Making Coffee Podcast
Making Coffee Podcast

While Thompson’s perspective come from a lot of experience traveling to coffee-producing areas, Lucia has substantial time invested on farms, in coffee mills, trying to help farmers increase the consistency of their coffee quality, and improve their outcomes in the crowded and confused marketplace.

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Here is the link to our goofy old “Handfeel Cupping Video” Dan and I did on the CoffeeShrub youtube, mentioned in the podcast too!

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